ACLA strive for innovation and creativity to deliver Hong Kong Greening Master Plan

ACLA uses iPAD based GIS technology to deliver the recently commissioned Greening Master Plan for New territories in Hong Kong to enhance data processing quality and speed and quality service for our Clients. Our GIS Team has extensive experience in designing effective spatial database management system to meet specific project information management requirements. The previous GMP required more than 60million data entries.


Utilizing what current technology offers, ACLA has introduced an innovative approach by combining iPAD and GIS technology into our projects. With customized GIS based data entry system built into the tablet’s standard operating system, our field staff can efficiently capture GIS data on site, as well as photographic records and other annotations and upload the survey data real time onto a secure web server for office staff to instantly view and further process the data. Already, this mobile GIS solution has significantly improved the project’s cost and time effectiveness  and improved the overall accuracy of data captured as well as expedited the data transformation and handling of large data blocks for the project teams. It also includes tools for on-site analysis of opportunities and constraints, design and documentation and capture the evolution throughout the design and construction phases.